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                                                                  Article I- Purpose and Name 

The purpose of the MARQUETTE COUNTY ATV CLUB, INC. is to develop local ATV routes and trails; Stimulate and strengthen local economy and community; Promote a positive public image of ATVS; Provide responsible ATV recreation; Encourage safe and social fun for family ATV riding; Advocate and conduct DNR ATV safety training; Support ATV trail patrol ambassador program and to perform all desirable and lawful functions for the successful operation of the Club and in the general public interest. 



                                                                     Article II -Membership 

Section 1. Membership in the Club shall consist of the following class (es): (a) Members- paid annual dues of $5.00 and receives 1 vote. Dues are due on or before the annual meeting and will not be pro-rated if paid at any other time. Dues received after July 1st will be applied to membership for the following year. (b) Family- immediate family, paid yearly dues of $10.00 and receives 2 votes. Family is limited to husband, wife and children under the age of 18. 

(c) Associate-restaurants, taverns, other business etc. paid yearly dues of $100.00 and receives 1 vote. 


Section 2. Active membership is available to all ATV owners and enthusiasts who will abide by our Code of Ethics, which are, BE CONSIDERATE, RESPONSIBLE, GET INVOLVED, and TELL OTHERS. 

Section 3. All paid members shall receive a copy of these Bylaws. 

Section 4. The Board of Directors may establish the qualifications and rights of all Club Members. 

Section 5. Applications for membership shall be made in writing addressed to the Club on the appropriate form containing an agreement by the applicant to abide by the Bylaws of the Club. 

Section 6. A member may resign from the Club at any time with non-payment of Club dues. 

Section 7. Membership in the Club may be terminated by majority vote of the Board of Directors in the event of non-payment of dues or for other reasons consistent with the Club's best interest. Termination of the membership of any member shall not release said member from the obligation to pay all dues and other amounts owed to the end of the period of membership. 

Article III- Management 

The management of the Club shall be vested in the Board of Directors. 



                                                                  Article IV- Board of Directors 

Section 1. The Board of Directors shall consist of no less than three (3) Directors, each of whom shall be an active member of the Club. Directors shall be elected at the Annual Meeting of the membership and shall take office at the close of the Annual Meeting for a term of, President- 3 years, Vice-President- 3 years, Treasurer/Secretary- 3 years. Officers shall be elected to alternating 3 year terms. 

Section 2. Requirements of each Board of Director shall be as follows: 50% attendance at board meetings, 50% attendance at regular Club meetings, dues to be paid no later than the annual meeting in the year they become due. Failure to comply will result in removal from the Board. 

Section 3. If vacancies of the Board of Directors occur by reason of resignation or otherwise, the remaining Directors may, at their option, by majority vote elect a successor for each unexpired term. 

Section 4. A majority of the members of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum 

for the transaction of Club business. If a Board member is unable to attend a meeting requiring a vote that vote must be made in writing, by letter or e-mail, prior to the meeting stating the specific issue requiring said vote. 

Section 5. The Board of Directors may call a special meeting to act in the event of an emergency. The Board of Directors may appoint Club committees, fill any vacancies or change the membership in Club committees. The Board may, by resolution, delegate such authority to the Club President. The Board of Directors shall have the power at all times to abolish any committee. 

Section 6. The Board of Directors may employ whatever personnel they deem necessary, and for which funds are available, to aid in the management and programs of the Club. Any and all expenditures totaling $500.00 and over, with the exception of normal operating expenses and expenses for equipment and route/trail maintenance, will be approved by a majority of the membership by written notice. 

Section 7. The vote of the majority of Board of Directors shall be final. No 

member, board member or officer shall have veto power over a majority vote of the Board of Directors. 

Section 8. Resignation from the board shall be made in writing to the Club. 

Section 9. To maintain the integrity of the routes/trails and the environment and for the purpose of maintaining the land for the safety of land owners and the public, the President will have the authority to open and close the routes/trails. 



                                                                           Article V - Officers 

Section 1. The officers of the Club shall be: President, Vice-President, Treasurer/Secretary. 

Section 2. Officers shall be elected from the membership. Officers, once elected, shall be a member of the Board of Directors. Vacancies occurring between such elections may be filled for the unexpired term by the Board of Directors at any meeting. Any officer may be removed from office by the affirmative vote of two- thirds of the whole Board of Directors. 

Section 3. All officers shall take office immediately upon election and hold office for their term or until their successors have been elected and qualified. 

Section 4. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Club and of its Board of Directors, shall oversee and coordinate such Committees as are authorized by the Board of Directors. 

Section 5. The Vice-President, during the absence or temporary incapacity of the President, shall perform the duties and have the powers of the President. 

Section 6. The Treasurer/Secretary shall keep all Club records, including minutes of meetings, lists of Committees and their members, which shall be available for review at Club meetings. The Treasurer/Secretary shall also maintain a permanent mailing address for the Club and direct incoming correspondence to the appropriate Club official. The Treasurer/Secretary shall keep all financial records of the Club and have charge of its funds. He or she shall receive applications for membership and maintain the roster of members. He/she shall keep all of the Club's funds in a bank approved by the Board of Directors and in the name of the Club. He/she shall disburse such funds of the Club under the direction of the Board of Directors. Withdrawals shall be made by checks signed in such a manner as may be approved from time to time by the Board of Directors. A Treasure's report shall be prepared and an annual audit shall be completed and signed off on by the Board of Directors prior to the Annual Meeting. All records retained by the Treasurer/Secretary shall be made available for viewing upon request by any board member within a reasonable time frame. 

Section 7. All officers shall have such other powers and duties as are required by law. 



                                                                    Article VI - Fiscal Year 

The Fiscal Year of the Club shall commence on October 1st and end on September 30th. 


                                                                      Article VII - Meetings 

Section 1. The Annual Meeting of the members of the Club shall be held in October at a time and place designated by the Board of Directors. 

Section 2. Regular meetings of the members of the Club shall be held monthly at the time and place fixed by resolution at the previous meeting or as designated by the President or by the Board of Directors. 

Section 3. Special meetings of the Club may be called by the Board of Directors or by the President or by any group of 10 or more active members by giving minimum 7 day written/verbal notice of the time, place, and purpose of such special meetings. 

Section 4. A majority of the active members shall constitute a quorum. Any formal action taken at any meeting of the membership shall require a majority vote of those active members present. 



                                                               Article VIII - Election Procedures 

Section 1. The nominations for open Board of Director positions will be taken from the floor or by written nomination and will be seconded from the floor. Nominations will be only of active members and can only be made at a public meeting. 

Section 2. Each open officer and board position shall be voted upon separately. If only one person is nominated to fill an open position, election can be handled by verbal vote at public meeting. If more than one person nominated, each vote to be on paper ballot with a count to be taken immediately after the vote of each position. This count must be tabulated and recorded by two board members. 

Section 3. In the event of a tie vote the Board of Directors present and currently holding office will have the tie breaking votes. 


                                                                     Article IX - Club Property  

Property purchased by the Club with Club funds shall only be used for Club purposes. This is to include any land, equipment, or other material items. Club members may from time to time request the use of Club property by making a written request to the Board of Directors. Permission must be granted by a majority of Board members for property to be used for non-club activities. 

Article X - Amendments 

These Bylaws may be amended by the Board of Directors and a majority of active members at the Annual Membership meeting, by mail ballot or in such other form as may be approved by the Board of Directors. 

Article XI-Laws and Rules Governing 

This corporation is a not-for-profit corporation under the laws of the State of Wisconsin and exists and does business according to the bylaws governing the corporation. The rules and regulations contained in Roberts Rules of Order, revised editions and amendments thereto, shall be used as a guide for their organization. 

Adopted on the 17th of October 2011. 


Signed by Scott Zuehls President, Don Heller (Vice President), and Donna Richards  (Treasurer/Secretary/Director)

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