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            Requirement to drive ATV/UTV

* Helmets are required under 18 years of age. * ATV Operators must be 16 years old. * DNR ATV Safety Certificates required for operators born after 12/31/1988. *ATV's must stay on pavement, single file, extreme right side of road. *ATV's must abide by all traffic laws and signs on routes. * ATV headlights and taillights must be on at all times while on routes. * Stay on designated ATV Routes. * Please respect our Amish neighbor's privacy. * No wheelies or donuts. ​* Please support our Business Club Members!

                                         Please Click Here To View Or Download The ATV/UTV Regulations



                    Current Officers 

John Campbell - President 
Donny Heller -  Vice President
Kathryn Searles - Secretary
Kathy Mather - Treasurer

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